Cloud Savvy is focused on the Cloud Computing market.  The Cloud Computing market has become confusing and complex.  Many new and old service providers and software vendors have responded with new cloud offerings, re-packaged old products, future road-maps, alpha releases, perpetual betas, and new terminology.  The market remains young and dynamic.  As with anything new, enterprises, vendors and customer need a guide to help sort out what is happening, plan first steps, and react as the market develops.  Cloud Savvy is your independent guide to the Cloud Computing market.

We have over 10 years of experience researching cloud technologies, and building production quality cloud computing platform and tool prototypes. We are applying our skills and knowledge to deliver consulting and, if needed, customized product offerings to the Cloud Computing market. 

At this time, we are taking no new clients.  We thank our clients and partners for their patronage. 

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